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Thorsten Schmitt
Corporate Communications & Investor Relations

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Our stories convey interesting information from the many different areas of the Berentzen Group. These brief stories inform readers of what we do in our everyday work and beyond – always up-to-date thanks to regular updates. And do not worry when a story has been told to the end: The next one is sure to come.

On the way to a climate-neutral product

On the way to a climate-neutral product: Our subsidiary Vivaris launched a new climate protection project in the middle of 2019. After calculating the corresponding CO2 footprints, the products of three brands were made climate-neutral.


What’s that buzzing sound? Bees at Berentzen

Since May 2019, Haselünne – where the Berentzen Group’s headquarters is located – has welcomed around 70,000 new citizens. The Carniolan honeybees, which are considered to be especially peaceful neighbours, live in a total of three hives.


Our commitment during the coronavirus pandemic

Like many companies, the Berentzen Group has asked itself the question of what contribution it can make to our society in these current challenging times. Particularly important: How can a spirits manufacturer support the current demand for disinfectants, that exists everywhere?