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On the way to a climate-neutral product

Vivaris launched a new climate project in the middle of 2019. Driven by the question “How much CO2 emissions do our products cause?”, we faced these challenges and calculated the CO2 footprints of our mineral water brands Emsland Quelle and Märkisch Kristall, as well as our Mio Mio brand.

We applied the “cradle to customer” approach to calculating these numbers. That means we included all emissions caused by the product, beginning with the raw materials and including production and shipping to retail outlets. Besides calculating them, we naturally also want to avoid CO2 emissions. All Vivaris products are produced with 100% green electricity. This way, we already save an enormous quantity of emissions. In the long term, we naturally want to improve our processes even more and further reduce the CO2 footprint of our products.

Not only regional, but also climate-neutral: Our mineral water brands Emsland Quelle and Märkisch Kristall.

Mineral water itself does not cause any emissions, but bottling, packaging and shipping cause unavoidable emissions. To restore the original climate neutrality of mineral water, we want to offset all the CO2 emissions caused by the product. The CO2 offset will be done by two certified climate protection projects. In Uganda, for example, we are supporting the “Clean Drinking Water” project. Emissions can be saved by drilling and maintaining wells because that allows people to access clean drinking water without having to boil it first.

Enjoyment with a good conscience: Mio Mio is climate-neutral.

To make a positive contribution to climate protection, we want to offset all unavoidable emissions caused by our Mio Mio products. Consumers will therefore be able to purchase all Mio Mio products available in German retail outlets on a climate-neutral basis. The CO2 offset will be done by the certified climate protection project “Forest Protection in Portel, Brazil”. The idea behind this project is to preserve the rainforest and officially give the corresponding land rights to the Amazon basin inhabitants known as “Ribeirinhos”. Otherwise, 3,000 hectares of forest would be cut down and replaced with soya bean farms or other agricultural operations every year.

Our commitment is now visible!

We want to make our climate neutrality visible to consumers and provide full transparency by qualifying for the “climate-neutral” seal of ClimatePartner. The seal includes a unique ID number. When you enter the ID number at the website www.climatepartner.com, you can see how much CO2 has been offset and what climate protection project has been supported.

Try it out! You can find the ID tracking of Emsland Quelle and Märkisch Kristall at the following links: www.climatepartner.com/13574-1909-1001 and Mio Mio at www.climatepartner.com/13574-1912-1002

Keep your eyes open: New Climate Partner Label on the Bottles

Our mineral water brands Emsland Quelle and Märkisch Kristall as well as all Mio Mio products, available in German retail outlets, are already climate neutral since the beginning of the year. To ensure that we do not produce any avoidable waste and place an additional burden on the environment, the labels were changed after the remaining stocks were used up. For a short time now, you can finally discover the label "climate neutral" on the last products. Keep your eyes open!

Sun, summer, climate neutral!

Since 2021, the products of the Emsland Sonne brand have also been climate neutral – and present themselves in a new look as well. An all-round refreshing sight that drives forward our goal of saving more and more CO2 emissions. This ambition is part of our sustainability strategy until 2025. Curious? Find out more here.