Innovation is teamwork: Norden Sea Salt Gin

Good news: Our new Norden Sea Salt Gin is out! This story tells how this product was created, what the first product drafts looked like and what it ist hat made it special. From the idea to the finished product - an innovation process at the Berentzen Group.

The idea behind Norden Sea Salt Gin

Many people have already noticed that gin is currently one of the trend drinks in the spirits scene. "Gin is considered an absolute trend spirit. In the last five years, the category has grown by an average of 8% per year in Germany," says Katja Schlarmann, Head of Spirits Marketing.

Whether mixed with tonic water or in more unusual cocktails, gin is on almost every good drinks menu. German gin has come to stand for innovative spirit and also for outstanding quality internationally. Our North Sea Salt Gin is designed to appeal to the urban target group between 30 and 50 years of age, who value regionality and are looking for variety.

The gin market is growing

We know our markets, and we also constantly analyse and observe the gin market. The data show: Gin is currently the second largest segment within clear spirits, with sales growth of 6.3% last year. We wanted to take advantage of this growth trend and create a new, special and at the same time high-quality product that will drive the gin market forward.

First product designs

From idea to reality - the first liquids were produced and diligently tested.

But not only the content, also the appearance of the bottle, from the label to the colour and the lid, was chosen specifically.

Market research

Based on the trend movement described and the first samples, it quickly turned out: we'll stick with it, it's got something! A prototype of the product was finally tested in independent market research - and of course many opinions were also gathered and evaluated within the staff. The taste, smell and appearance were put under the microscope and expertly tested.

The final product

In March, the time had finally come to produce the Norden Sea Salt Gin for the first time. Three North Sea botanicals form the gin's flavour foundation: juniper brings the typical gin spiciness, sea buckthorn and rosehip provide a tart fruitiness. A pinch of sea salt intensifies the flavour. It is precisely this combination that makes Norden Sea Salt Gin so special. Above all, the salt content is rated as "unique" by many consumers and found to be particularly good. The new Norden Sea Salt Gin thus brings the naturalness and authenticity of the North Sea coast directly into the glass and to the whole of Germany.

Consumption ideas

What is the best way to consume gin? Whether in the evening to put your feet up, in bars, at a party or in social settings, the occasions are just as varied as the ways to enjoy this product: neat, on ice, mixed as a gin and tonic or in cocktails. A special tip from us: mix the gin with our herbal brew blackberry-rosemary. You can find the recipe here:

"Red Sun" Cocktail with our Norden Sea Salt Gin

  • 4 cl Norden Sea Salt Gin
  • 2 cl lemon juice
  • 1 cl grenadine
  • About 100 ml orange juice & about 50 ml Kräuterbraut blackberry rosemary
  • 1 dash mineral water



For the "Red Sun" cocktail, mix 4 cl of our Norden Sea Salt Gin with 2 cl lemon juice and 1 cl grenadine. Then add about 100 ml of orange juice, about 50 ml of Kräuterbraut blackberry rosemary and a dash of water.