Videos as part of our employer branding

As part of a new employer branding strategy, we want to show how diverse the Berentzen Group actually is. We work with very different products and brands in the segments Non-alcoholic Beverages, Spirits and Fresh Juice Systems. How can you present these complex connections in a simple way? With moving images. That's how we got the go-ahead for our video project.  

If a thing's worth doing, it's worth doing well

One thing was clear from the beginning: If we start a project like this, it will be comprehensive. That's why we are including four of our locations: Our headquarter at Haselünne, Minden, Grüneberg and Linz. A long journey and many preparations waited...

Agency selection and briefing

The search for a suitable team of experts to develop the concept and shoot the video was not easy. We talked to several agencies, heard and - via online chat - saw many good concepts. In the end, we were happy to work with an agency from our region: VSS Werbefilme from Meppen.

Visiting the locations

Before any scripts were written, we took a close look at the locations. What could we tell about which location, what had to be prepared for the filming? So we went to Grüneberg, Haselünne and Minden with the film team.

Scripts and plans

Back at the office, we started to work on the concrete details of the scripts and films. Which requisites do we need, when should which colleague be located where? 60 seconds of a film = 3 pages of shooting schedule. How good that we're not filming a blockbuster...

„Action!“ – the shooting days

We have got some real acting talents at the Berentzen Group. With a good mood at the set, the next step was to create authentic images. So we were in action at our locations from early in the morning until the evening.