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Axel Kuipers
Investor Relations

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Why to invest in the Berentzen Group

1. We serve the thirst for life desire in society

Especially in the volatile times we live in, people yearn for moments of community, conviviality, carefree celebrations and shared joie de vivre. Whether it's an invigorating Mio Mio for a snack or the wide range of Berentzen and Puschkin liqueurs for a festive occasion, our products make every moment special.

Our focus is on these brands, where the Berentzen Group has the greatest potential for further profitable growth.

2. Strong brands

In particular, our Berentzen, Puschkin and Mio Mio brands are very well known in Germany and are among the top brands in their respective categories in terms of sales. What's more, we are outperforming the market! To continue these success stories and significantly increase brand value, we will gradually increase marketing spend for Mio Mio and the liqueur campaign for Berentzen and Puschkin by up to EUR 5 million by 2028 compared to 2023. To increase our market success, we will expand the sales team by a further 25 people over the next few years. We will also drive further growth with a steady stream of new product innovations.

3. Agility to leverage on new market trends

As a typical German mid-sized company with a lean, focused organisation, we are able to respond quickly to emerging market trends, unlike many of our competitors. Our processes and structures are agile and flexible. This means that we are always one step ahead when it comes to identifying, implementing and exploiting market opportunities. This enables us to be a first mover or early adopter in relevant markets. In this way, we can also make "new beverage ventures" big - as the example of Citrocasa shows. We also have big plans for this Group company.

4. Profitable Productportfolio

As part of 'Building Berentzen 2028', we will scrutinise our entire product portfolio even more actively than before and streamline it for greater profitability. This will also free up resources for the further growth of our strategic core brands. In this way, we will gradually work towards an EBIT margin of 8% in 2028.

5. High efficiency

The Berentzen Group combines outstanding efficiency with the highest quality standards. This enables us to offer our retail partners both attractive entry-level price concepts and absolute premium spirits in the private label segment. Our private label business is not an accessory for us, but a real value driver! We will implement substantial investment and efficiency programmes to optimise structures, processes and the entire supply chain in order to maintain and extend our cost and quality leadership in this area.

6. Top ranked ESG strategy

With over 260 years of company history, we think in decades, not quarters! Thanks to our sustainability activities to date, we have achieved Gold status in the EcoVadis rating for the third year running, placing us in the top 2% of all companies assessed. We were also named one of the 100 most climate-friendly companies in Germany by the business magazine Capital in January 2022. But we are not standing still. In the course of 2024, we will review our sustainability strategy and identify new measures and projects.

Building Berentzen 2028

Starting Point — The Berentzen Group until 2023

Core elements of Building Berentzen 2028

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Sustainability Strategy of the Berentzen Group

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Thorsten Schmitt

Director Corporate Communication & Strategy


Phone: +49 (0) 5961 502-215

E- Mail: thorsten.schmitt@berentzen.de


Axel Kuipers

Manager Investor Relations


Phone: +49 (0) 5961 502-220

E-Mail: axel.kuipers@berentzen.de


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