April 2020. Special times, special duties

Like many companies, the Berentzen Group has asked itself the question of what contribution it can make to our society in these current challenging times. Particularly important: How can a spirits manufacturer support the current demand for disinfectants, that exists everywhere? Understandably, the demand is high.

Solutions were not simply obvious, rather a few questions had to be answered. What is technically feasible? Is the Berentzen Group, as a supplier of drinking alcohol, allowed to circulate so-called denatured – i.e. inedible – alcohol at all? How can the availability of raw material be assessed? These questions could only be answered because of the commitment of many employees.

This story tells you what our commitment looks like in detail.

April 2020. Disinfectants for hospitals in Emsland

In manual production and filling, the Berentzen Group produces disinfectants according to a simplified WHO recipe. "An industrial production of disinfectants is not possible on our own production lines, because the systems are not explosion-proof and cannot be converted", explains Oliver Schwegmann, CEO of Berentzen Gruppe Aktiengesellschaft. However, small quantities of disinfectant can be produced by hand. These disinfectants are donated to hospitals and retirement homes in the region.

For example, the St. Anna-Klinik in Löningen, the Bonifatius-Hospital in Lingen and the Marienhospital in Vechta Desinfektionsmittel got disinfectants. A total of 4,000 litres of disinfectant has been produced according to WHO prescriptions.

April 2020. Ethanol – the raw material for the production of disinfectants

The most important raw material for the production of disinfectants is ethanol. Currently, the Berentzen micro distillery in Haseluenne is exclusively used for the production of ethanol. The distiller Jens Horstmann distils the important raw material. Even though, just small quantities can be achieved in comparison to large industrial distillations, every litre counts.

Thanks to the work of our distiller, we are able to supply ethanol to a number of pharmacies, which – in turn – produce disinfectants themselves. In total, over 2,000 litres of high-percentage ethanol (96.3%vol) could be supplied to pharmacies.

In this video, our distiller shows how the work in the distillery currently looks like.

April 2020. Cooperation for the production of disinfectants

The Berentzen Group and the Remmers Group cooperated in order to be able to produce larger quantities of disinfectants for hospitals, rescue services and other medical facilities. The Berentzen Group has supplied the manufacturer of construction chemicals, wood paints and varnishes in neighbouring Löningen with a total of 40,000 litres of ethanol. This is because the Remmers Group has explosion-proof facilities in which disinfectants can be produced in large quantities.

"We are very pleased that we are able to implement this project together with a company from our home region”, says Oliver Schwegmann.

April 2020. Further measures in the fight against corona (Part 1)

The Berentzen Group is not only involved in the production of disinfectants and ethanol. For example, Vivaris Getränke GmbH & Co KG – a subsidiary of the Berentzen Group – supports corona test centers in Emsland with bottle blanks, so-called preforms. They are now used for other purposes than normally intended. The preforms are needed to send many additionally taken smears safely packed to laboratories.

The Vivaris Grüneberg facility was also able to support the local citizen's aid with a donation of coats for single use. These coats are mainly needed for home nursing in the Löwenberger Land to protect employees and the persons to be cared of.

Mai 2020. Further measures in the fight against corona (Part 2)

Free delivery: Vitamins for our everyday heroes! Citrocasa GmbH – a subsidiary of the Berentzen Group – distributed freshly pressed pomegranate and orange juice to employees in supermarkets in Linz, thus thanking them for their important work. #supportyoulocal

July 2020. Lower Saxony sticks together

Together, we are stronger! The last few months have shown, that cohesion and support in our society help to face the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic. The non-partisan association "Niedersachsen holds together" of politics, economy and society, whose cooperation partners now include the Berentzen Group, offers a digital platform for easier networking. Click here for further information and the opportunity to present projects.