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Berentzen Group

Berentzen Group



Berentzen Group – Spirits

The Berentzen Group has its roots in the spirits business. Having begun as a small grain alcohol distillery in the Emsland district town of Haselünne, we operate today in more than 60 countries with a broad portfolio of spirits products under different brands and in a wide range of categories. The two umbrella brands Berentzen and Puschkin make up a large part of our portfolio. The portfolio also includes well-known brands such as Strothmann, Bommerlunder, Doornkaat, Hansen Rum, etc. Moreover, the group is increasingly moving into the premium segment with new concepts such as Rum Tres Paises and Norden Sea Salt Gin. As a strategic partner of the retail trade, branded dealer and private-label products are also an important part of the Berentzen Group’s business.


Non-alcoholic beverages

Berentzen group – Non-alcoholic beverages

In addition, the Berentzen Group has offered non-alcoholic beverages since the late 1950s. Beginning as a regional mineral water and concession business, some of our products today are available nationwide and even in neighbouring countries to some extent. As the subsidiary responsible for the Berentzen Group’s business of non-alcoholic beverages, Vivaris Getränke GmbH & Co. KG today offers a very diverse portfolio of products and brands. The company’s activity is particularly focused on the nationally distributed products of the Mio Mio brand, as well as regional mineral water products in the core sales regions of north/west and north/east Germany. The brand portfolio is rounded out by other soft drinks, energy drinks, and fruit juice spritzers. The group also distributes numerous Sinalco products as a concession partner. Overall, the Berentzen Group offers both well-established and innovative non-alcoholic beverages for the entire family.


Fresh-juice systems

Berentzen group – Fresh-juice systems

Fresh-juice systems are the “youngest” segment of the Berentzen Group. It distributes premium-quality fruit presses under the Citrocasa brand, untreated after-harvest oranges under the frutas naturales brand, and bottles for filling fresh-pressed orange juice that are specifically designed for the company’s equipment. Today’s Citrocasa GmbH has been part of the portfolio of the Berentzen Group since 2014. As a leading supplier, Citrocasa distributes juicing equipment especially to grocery stores and restaurants throughout the world. With its innovative equipment concepts, the Berentzen Group meets the wish of its retail partners to differentiate themselves from their competitors with extraordinary products while also accommodating the global trend of consumers towards healthy, conscious, and responsible nutrition.


Berentzen Hof

Berentzen group – Berentzen Hof

The group company Der Berentzen Hof GmbH is also located at the company’s headquarters in Haselünne. Berentzen Hof includes numerous historical buildings that are used for an extensive programme of tours and events, among other things. Over the years, Berentzen Hof has become a popular location for events and experiences. The Berentzen Hof Distillery also plays a key role as the heart of the site. The offering of Berentzen Hof is rounded out by the farm shop, which offers a broad selection of the Berentzen Group’s product portfolio to more than 35,000 visitors per year.