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Four 40-year service anniversaries with the Berentzen Group

Executive Board members Ralf Brühöfner and Oliver Schwegmann and Human Resources Director Ute Verholen met with Heinrich, Hildegard, Edeltraud and Friedrich for lunch on Friday to thank them each for their 40 years of commitment and loyalty to the company.


There is certainly lots to tell after so many years. Given that it was Christmas season, the four honourees shared their “Christmas party memories”. Hildegard said they had attended this party together for many years. Now she is looking forward to this year’s party because there is always another story to tell!


Heinrich also talked about his time at Berentzen. He reported that there was always much to do and never a dull moment.


On this subject, Friedrich talked about his on-call duty shifts that he had done since the 1980s: That too was a truly exciting time. He has been in retirement since May. However, that does not mean that he is bored now. Quite the opposite: He spends a lot of time with his dog and his hobbies of cycling and painting and his daily routine is almost more stressful than when he was working. Friedrich has a tip for everyone on the cusp of retirement: Prepare yourselves and think about how you want to spend your time.

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