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Berentzen Group publishes Sustainability Report 2022: Sustainability activities Sustainability activities further expanded in the 2022 financial year

Haselünne, May 31, 2023 – Berentzen-Gruppe Aktiengesellschaft has published its voluntary Sustainability Report for the financial year 2022. It is the corporate group‘s sixth Sustainability Report.

“A continuous, transparent communication in the areas of economy, ecology and social affairs is of outstanding importance to us, that is why we have again prepared a voluntary sustainability report fort he financial year 2022“, explains Ralf Brühöfner, CFO of Berentzen-Gruppe Aktiengesellschaft.

“Even though media coverage last year was largely dominated by the Russian war against Ukraine, many important sustainability issues have taken additional weight in the public awareness. Energy crisis, hottest and driest summer on record, increasing human rights violations – just to name a few key points that prove this“, continues Brühöfner.

Sustainability activities had also been intensified in the Berentzen Group again. “A special highlight for us was the installation of photovoltaic systems at our production locations in Haselünne and Minden“, explains Brühöfner. These would be sufficient to cover around 16 to 18 percent of electricity consumption at the two locations. Other important measures in the financial year 2022 included the introduction of a sustainability-related risk management system, the implementation of an environmental management system, and the sonversion to more energy-efficient steam generation in production.

“In the future, we will continue to systematically follow the direction we have taken in order to achieve our sustainability goals. Among other measures, we are planning further investments in a more self-sufficient supply of renewable energies this year, for example“ concludes Brühöfner.

The Sustainability Report 2022 is published at: https://www.berentzen-gruppe.de/en/responsibility/csr-publications

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