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Expansion of sustainability activities: Ambitious sustainability strategy presented

Haselünne, December 15, 2020 – After the large number of sustainability projects already implemented at the Berentzen Group over recent years, the Executive Board of the corporate group today presented an extensive sustainability strategy that is intended to reach forward into 2025. With the newly passed objectives and measures in the People, Planet and Products areas of activity, the Berentzen Group is systematising, specifying and expanding its commitment to sustainability.

“With numerous sustainability activities over recent years, we have already shown that we are getting something moving – at a social, ecological and also economic level. The successes we have achieved in this respect are an incentive to set ourselves ambitious and strategic sustainability objectives for the next few years and to define and implement specific measures to achieve these goals,” says Ralf Brühöfner, the member of the Berentzen-Gruppe Aktiengesellschaft Executive Board responsible, among other things, for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

 “0 – 100 – 100 are the easy-to-understand target figures in the three areas of activity we have defined, People – Planet – Products, by means of which we are systematically advancing our sustainability activities,” explains Laura Schnober, Berentzen Group’s CSR Manager.

For the Berentzen Group, 0 – Zero accidents and improved health means continuing to place the focus on workforce health – one of the most essential aspects of the new strategy. Not only preventive work aimed at avoiding work-related accidents and the occurrence of occupational illnesses but also the promotion of employee health and workforce well-being are at the foreground of our activities in this context. For example, the topic of mobile working was introduced in spring already for all members of staff with suitable workplaces. Further measures are to be implemented by 2023 and continued thereafter with ongoing refinements.

Under the ambitious objective of 100 – Hundred percent resource efficiency, the Berentzen Group aspires to optimise its consumption of resources in the best possible way and exploit efficiency potential. To this end, the corporate group is going to introduce an environmental management system certified to ISO 14001. The Berentzen Group has been using 100% green electricity in its production for several years already. Our objective is to reach this goal in its entirety by 2024.

100 – One hundred sustainable products constitutes the target at product level. Alongside the products themselves, the corporate group is putting an even greater focus on more environmentally friendly product packaging. Over the course of 2020 already, the Berentzen Group demonstrated how it is attaching new importance to the topic of sustainable products and packaging by making all Mio Mio products available on the German market and the products traded under the Emsland Quelle and Märkisch Kristall brands completely climate neutral and introducing rPET bottles with a recycled material content of up to 100% in the Fresh Juice Systems segment. Further products will become sustainable before the end of 2021 and our plans are for 100 Berentzen Group products to be sustainable by 2025.

A factsheet on the sustainability strategy with a presentation of selected measures can be found here.