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Berentzen-Gruppe Aktiengesellschaft: Second Sustainability Report published

Haselünne, March 25, 2019 – Berentzen-Gruppe Aktiengesellschaft has published its voluntary Sustainability Report for the 2018 financial year. It is the second Sustainability Report by the corporate group.


“It is our aim and ambition to provide ongoing sustainability reporting,” says Ralf Brühöfner, one of Berentzen-Gruppe Aktiengesellschaft’s Executive Board members. Firstly, the Report now being released to the public reflects the measures relating to sustainability that have already been implemented within the corporate group and, secondly, defines further objectives.


He continued that, for the 2018 financial year, special importance should be attached to three measures already completed: the introduction of a social intranet that acts as an internal central information and communications platform, accession to the Sedex supplier platform and the declaration on the German Sustainability Code, issued by Berentzen-Gruppe Aktiengesellschaft for the first time last December. “These three steps have one thing in common: they ensure a higher level of transparency”, says Brühöfner.


The prize awarded to the Berentzen Group, alongside other companies, by the Lower Saxony Alliance for Sustainability for their sustained commitment was one of the highlights in the 2018 financial year. “For us, that was confirmation that we are on the right track with the measures we are taking”, Brühöfner is happy to say.


He added that there were plans to expand on the activities to date and sharpen awareness for sustainability issues within the corporate group. “We are increasingly enshrining social and ecological topics as an intrinsic part of our corporate culture. The economic success of a company will also increasingly be linked to such aspects”, Brühöfner explains in conclusion.


The 2018 Sustainability Report is published here.