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Management Information Game 2020

This year we hosted the Management Information Games (MIG) for the second time. A total of 21 pupils from the BBS Meppen Technical High School for Technology took part in the five-day business simulation game, which was organized by the VME Foundation Osnabrück-Emsland in cooperation with the Bildungswerk der Niedersächsischen Wirtschaft gGmbH. Divided into three competing companies, they were tasked with formulating company goals and implementing them in the corresponding planning and decisions. After each game round, the decisions of the groups were evaluated by means of a simulation.
In order to gain the neccessary economic knowledge from practice, 90-minute blocks of information on various economic topics were presented by company representatives of the economy. Our colleagues Laura Schnober, Katharina van Helden and Jochen Klein also participated with exciting lectures. Adolf Fischer also gave interesting insights into the operational processes of Vivaris production.

On the penultimate matchday, the groups presented their results to an audience of critical buyers. The students modified the specified product “toilet brush”. The result is sometimes strange, but they create creative gadgets such as a built-in WiFi amplifier, a UV lamp function and Trump cleaning heads.

Then the young entrepreneurs answered the questions from the buyers and left no question open. With new economic input, the MIG week ended successfully for the participants at the general meetings.

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