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The Berentzen Group is one of the leading beverage groups in Germany. For more than 250 years the name Berentzen stands for the art of distillation and for the enjoyment of indulgence at the same time one of the oldest manufacturers active in the production and sale of Spirits and Non-alcoholic beverages.

With our well-known brands of Spirits, the Berentzen Group is capable, competent and quick enough to respond to the demands of consumers. Furthermore the company will remain as dedicated as ever in making use of further market opportunities with its internationally viable Spirits products in overseas in order to maintain its leadership in the relevant product segments.

As a manufacturer of wellness and refreshment beverages, the Group-owned subsidiary Vivaris Getränke GmbH & Co. KG  is successfully active since decades on the German soft drinks market. In addition Vivaris also has extensive experience in the concession business and expands this in January 2015, with the new partner Sinalco even further.

In particular, the subsidiary Citrocasa GmbH, an established system provider for freshly squeezed orange juice, helps develop the Berentzen-Group in the area of fresh and healthy drinks and to capitalize on growth opportunities.

Good brand management, innovations as well as excellent and motivated employees are the foundation for profitable, sustainable growth of the Berentzen Group.

We are specialized in drinks providing fun and pleasure - and thus ensure a zest for life!


Alcoholic drinks have a long tradition in our society. Although, the misuse of alcoholic beverages lead to serious consequences for some people, their family, friends and for society as a whole. In order to counteract, we are also committed to the legal requirements on a voluntary basis and determined specifically for the responsible and moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Whether a warning on bottles and packagings which cannot be overlooked, whether a promotional waiver in inappropriate media at inappropriate times, whether in support of educational campaigns and institutions or as rejection of events to young audiences, the Berentzen Group contributes actively to the protection of risk groups.

The Berentzen Group acts with full awareness of its responsibility.


Market-driven organization, logistics and service structures, high technology standards and above all, competent employees with a passion for the business make us a recognised and innovative company in our industry. Therein lies our potential to meet and compete for the future needs of the market and in order to be able to exist in the fierce competition on the market.

Our well-equipped R&D laboratory can already look back with its own developments on many award-winning product innovations as well as quality awards. The production and bottling of our Spirits take place using the latest technology in a plant which is certified annually by the international standard IFS.

Our production and logistics centre in Minden, is one of the most modern and largest of its kind. We provide services to our customers in flexible and modern logistics structures at the highest level.