Origin of the Berentzen Company in Haselünne

The minutes of visitation made by the Court of Haselünne in the year of 1758 for "Fuselbrenner", as it states in a historical record, 26 distilleries were listed,  including the distillery the Town Councilor Johann Bernhard Berentzen assumed shortly later. This oldest written documentation is considered as the hour of birth of the Berentzen Company.


Berentzen vom alten Faß

"Berentzen Vom Alten Faß" had been one of the first registered trade marks for Spirits in Germany.


Foundation of Emsland-Getränke

The I.B. Berentzen opened up a new business, in which they formed their own bottling plant for non-alcoholic beverages in Haselünne. The former "Emsland Getränke" is known as Vivaris today.


Concession for Pepsi

Today's Vivaris acquires under its former name Emsland Getränke a concession for the bottling and distribution of Pepsi-Cola. By the end of the concession at the end of 2014 builds Vivaris distribution in twelve of the sixteen federal states and became the largest of the concessionaires.


Introduction of Berentzen ApfelKorn

It was introduced to the market and became the best known product in the group. The "Schnapps Idea" of Dr. Hans and Friedrich Berentzen became the most successful product launch in the Spirits market since 1945 and made Berentzen a national provider of Spirits.


Setting up of export business

The success of the ApfelKorn resulted in only a short time to setting up its own export business.


Birth of Berentzen-Gruppe

The I.B. Berentzen merged with the distillery Pabst & Richarz to modern Berentzen Group. By the merger, the art of grain burner and wine burner brought together in one company. The newly formed company is No. 2 in the German spirits industry and will continue to grow.


Puschkin Vodka

The brand Puschkin Vodka is taken over from the company König & Schlichte. The well-known Vodka brand was being evolved into an umbrella brand in the mid 90s and had been one of the most successful brands in the 90s.



Doornkaat was added to the brand portfolio of the Berentzen Group and the Berentzen Group acquires one of the most recognizable grain brands and strengthens its competence in the grain sector.


Conversion into a plc

With the conversion to a public limited liability company, the Berentzen Group creates the condition for IPO in order to support and finance long-term growth plans in relevant and appropriate form.

In June 1994, Berentzen shares were publicly placed at the stock exchanges in Frankfurt and Bremen.


Brandenburgische Mineral-Quelle

Through the acquisition of a mineral spring in Grüneberg near Berlin, the sales territory for soft drinks was expanded in most parts of the North and East Germany.



For the year 1998/99, the Berentzen Group took over Dethleffsen, one of the main competitors in the German market. With the brands Bommerlunder, Hansen Rum, Springer Urvater, Echt Stonsdorfer and Dirty Harry, the product range is supplemented by new segments. Hence, Berentzen markets the most comprehensive range of all German providers.


Change in the main shareholder

The financial investor AURELIUS, Munich, acquires approximately 75.1% of the ordinary shares of the Berentzen-Gruppe AG.


Corporate Bond

Berentzen-Group places a corporate bond with a volume of EUR 50 million. The term is five years.

Due to high demand, the subscription period ends on the first day within a few hours.


New concession partner Sinalco

In the core areas of northern and eastern Germany Vivaris, the soft drinks sector of Berentzen, takes the first concession in the brand's history of Sinalco.