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Spirits Business Germany

Whether refreshing Fruit mix or trendy Vodka, whether delicious Cream variants or classical Wheat grains - with our brand portfolio, we offer a variety of flavors for every occasion and almost every user group. We are continuously working on the creation of new products for the national and international market.

Our focus lies on the main brands Berentzen and Puschkin regarding the market of Spirits. These are our core brands, and as far as the product design and position is concerned they are in line with multi-regional and global consumer needs. They offer strategic platforms for long-term growth. Further brands like Bommerlunder, Doornkaat, Polar or Strothmann show our profile als  full-service provider of German and international spirits specialties.

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Vivaris: Mineral Water and Soft drinks

Vivaris is a subsidiary of Berentzen-Group and since its founding in 1958, the company has been steadily developed. The range now includes mineral waters as well as soft drinks, energy drinks, iced tea and sports drinks. The sales territory includes already twelve of the sixteen federal states - the entire north of Germany, all new federal states and the northern parts of NRW and Hessen.

Both dynamic and successfully grew the concessions business started in 1960. The first concession of Pepsi-Cola was held until the end of 2014, since then the traditional brand Sinalco is sold.

As a medium-sized beverage company, Vivaris currently holds a leading market position and develops into an international observed benchmark for branded soft drinks with maximum acceptance by consumers.

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TMP: System for fresh orange juice

Since autumn 2014 Citrocasa belongs to the Berentzen Group. The company from the Austrian city of Linz is an internationally active system provider for freshly squeezed orange juice, its core offerings are high quality Orange presses of the brand "Citrocasa" for Food retail and hospitality.
The system also includes rich and sun-ripened oranges "Frutas Naturales", which are left untreated after harvest, a specially developed logistics system and special PET bottles with high recognition value. The market leader in Austria holds a leading position in other countries such as Germany, France and the Netherlands.

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