Audits & Certificates

ISO 50001 Energy management

The ISO 50001 Energy management system was introduced at the German locations of the Berentzen Group in 2016. The energy management system helps to continuously improve the energy-related performance, to raise energy efficiency in the Berentzen Group and to optimize the use of energy at the same time.


IFS Food (International Featured Standards Food)

IFS Food is a standard for the food industry that aims to ensure safety and quality during production. The standard was introduced at the first location of the Berentzen Group in Germany in 2003 and has been reassessed at regular intervals ever since.


SMETA (Sedex Members’ Ethical Trade Audit)

SMETA is one of the most widely used formats for social audits worldwide. It was introduced successfully at the Grüneberg location at the beginning of 2017. The introducton at the other locatios in Germany and Austria was completed in january 2018. The areas audited included working conditions, health and safety, hygiene and environmental management.