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Berentzen Gruppe Career


Your new employer

„I appreciate being able to work for a prestigious and internationally active manufacturer of brand-name products in my homeland in northern Germany.“


Uwe Feldmann
Head of Legal

„From the very beginning, everyone was very friendly and welcoming and I was quickly integrated into the departments. After my apprenticeship, I was hired to work in the Marketing Department in Minden.“


Michelle Becker
Product Manager

„Facing everyday challenges with enthusiasm and determination and mastering them with skill and knowledge is possible day after day if you work with a great team like we have here at the Berentzen Group.“


Ines Höckberg

Reshape your future and discover the many benefits that make work more attractive – with Berentzen-Gruppe AG as your new employer.
Work atmosphere and appreciation

“When work is a pleasure, life is a joy”, noted the Russian author Maxim Gorki back in the 19th century. We have internalised this knowledge because our success depends on the satisfaction of our employees. Solidarity and togetherness are key prerequisites for employee satisfaction. Our informal, non-hierarchical culture is an important aspect of the very good work atmosphere in our company.

Besides summer festivals and Christmas parties, we organise various other teambuilding activities. For example, the company invites employees to a regulars’ table at regular intervals and organises tasting panels where employees can participate in parts of the product development process. Our social intranet in which all employees can actively post their own ideas and share information ensures communication across all our locations. Moreover, our company suggestion programme encourages ideas and input from our corporate community.

You can also enjoy our soft drinks free of charge during work hours. And you can select a basket of goods from our product range once a month and receive an employee discount on your purchase. 

If you are not yet convinced, read about the many other highlights and become a part of our corporate group. 

Family friendliness

Berentzen Group is certified as a “family-friendly employer”. We are especially proud of this certification because the compatibility of work and family is not just an employee retention and acquisition instrument for us, but something that is dear to our hearts.

Besides flexible worktime solutions and individualised part-time models, we offer many other benefits to our employees and their families, ranging from “young people’s” benefits such as a children’s Christmas party to “grown-up” benefits such as internships, reserved spots at the Girls’ Day and Boys’ Day for the children of our employees, and job application training. We also have something exciting to offer to the parents of our apprentices: Once the apprentices have completed the first half of their first year, we invite the parents to a Meet & Greet Day where they can see the place where their children work. And if our apprentices are already parents themselves, they can also complete their apprenticeship on a part-time basis. Our Social Services Department is always ready to counsel employees on all other issues and our Human Resources Department also provides assistance on a wide range of topics from day-care to nursing care.

Corporate health management

Our health management programme is reflective of the social responsibility we exercise in relation to our employees. We offer our company fitness programme “qualitrain” to employees at all locations, as well as the chance to lease a bicycle, throughout the year. In addition, we organise up to four health campaigns a year on the subjects of exercise, relaxation, and healthy eating. Our latest offers include an analysis of the spine, an ergonomic advice and a balance check, in which the personal stress level is measured. And we always support our company soccer team and Nordic Walking Group.

Career opportunities

When you begin your career with us, you will receive extensive initial training in the basis of an individualised training plan. We will hold regular feedback meetings with you on the subject of your personal development. We will support you with both in-house and job-integrated training programmes. We offer different dual study programs to combine apprenticeship and studies. And we promote young talents with our “Education.Plus” programme. You can learn more about this in the Apprenticeships and internships section. Career advancement is also possible: Advancing from employee to manager is no rarity at the Berentzen Group.


The regions of our locations

The German locations of the Berentzen Group are located in somewhat rural regions, each of which has its own special appeal. The main headquarters of the Berentzen Group is located in the Emsland district town of Haselünne. Thanks to its prospering economy, Emsland has the lowest unemployment rate in all of Lower Saxony. With attractive housing options and numerous leisure time activities, it offers a high quality of life for families in particular. The production facility for the spirits of the Berentzen Group and our subsidiary Pabst & Richarz Vertriebs GmbH are located in the town of Minden in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. This town offers a wide array of cultural and culinary activities, sports opportunities and the historical town centre, which invites you to stroll and linger. Our subsidiary Vivaris Getränke GmbH & Co. KG maintains a production facility in Grüneberg in the Löwenberger Land district of Brandenburg. Löwenberger Land features an impressive landscape with many forests and lakes. And if you long for city life, Berlin is less than an hour’s drive away. Finally, our Austrian subsidiary Citrocasa GmbH, which has belonged to the Berentzen Group since 2014, has its headquarters in Linz. This, the third-largest city in Austria with more than 200,000 inhabitants offers everything you can expect from a major city, including a wide range of cultural activities, outstanding shopping possibilities, modern infrastructure, and spacious parks.